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Transform source-to-delivery
Source 1
Leverage innovative sourcing. With our digitised procurement processes and B2B supplier network, you can curate, manage, and diversify your supplier base without manual searching or limited capability
Purchase 1
Enhanced processes with a digitized supply chain. From price comparisons, and supplier onboarding to digitized invoicing and payments, leveraging enhanced automation, manual processes are eliminated
Delivery 3
Efficiently monitor and trace goods to boost visibility and mitigate risks. Elevate risk management by embracing traceability for comprehensive insights into the movement of goods. Bolstering visibility through effective tracking contributes to a proactive approach in minimizing potential risks.
Boost Revenue Growth
Gain access to a wider network with our B2B marketplace. Find new clients and generate new revenue streams. Modern purchasing solutions, seamless cooperation, and automated e-invoicing will enhance your customers' experience.
Bill swiftly and keep track of each invoice's status, from creation to payment. Access insightful data and real-time data to help you establish a deeper understanding of your consumers and stronger relationships.
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